Construction and design of 2-storey cottages with improvement of the adjacent territory along in Choganly in Ashgabat

The living area of each cottage comprising two floors which is 182.27 square meters. The height of each floor is 3.60 m. Each of the cottages has a terrace on the second floor. The main rooms include: six bedrooms on the second floor, a living room, three bathrooms, a combined kitchen-dining room and other auxiliary facilities.
On the site there is a concrete covering of driveways, The carriageway and the sites are framed with a monolithic concrete border. The project was carried out in accordance with the current rules and regulations. - External walls are finished with fiber-cement slabs with subsequent painting by facade paints; Interior finish: - walls made of high-quality plaster for painting with water-based paint; - ceilings in rooms from high-quality putty for painting with water-based paint; - Floors - laminate parquet, ceramic tiles.