The building of the compex department and the laboratory of the Turkmenbashi city of the State Service "Turkmenstandartlary" of the Balkan state

The project is executed in compliance with the current rules and regulations, complies with norms and rules The building is located in the foothill plain of Turkmenbashi city along the Rukhnama street. There are two entrances to the territory of the site. On the territory of the site are the administrative building, laboratory buildings, guest houses, checkpoint, KTPN, diesel generator, boiler room, pumping station, tanks and a gazebo. The site was greened with decorative trees and shrubs.
Coverings of the sidewalks, the roadway and the sites are made of concrete. Part of the territory is protected by a lattice metal fence. The building consists of three blocks and has a complex shape in plan, each block consists of 2 floors, located offices of employees. The outer part of the building is made of improved plaster with subsequent painting. The basement part of the building is faced with granite.